Top Christian Colleges Guide

Christian colleges ranked by Money, Forbes, U.S. News and Princeton Review

America’s Top 10 Christian Colleges
(Money 2017-18 ranking)

Listed below are the 10 governing members of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) that are highest ranked by Money in its 2017-18 "Best Colleges" ranking.

Rankings were based on 27 factors in three categories: quality of education, affordability and outcomes. Factors pertaining to quality included graduation rates, instructor quality and peer quality; affordability incorporated the net price of the degree, average student debt and affordability for low-income students; and outcomes considered statistics such as graduates’ earnings, the socio-economic mobility index (percentage of students moving from low-income backgrounds to upper-middle-class jobs), and a survey on “job meaning” (“Does your work make the world a better place?”). The Money rankings are posted online at

This ranking is just one way to measure the merits of a school. There are many great Christian colleges and universities in the United States and prospective students are encouraged to visit several colleges and talk with admissions staff to find the best college for their needs.

1. College of the Ozarks
Money Rank: No. 73
Point Lookout, Missouri
Est. 1906
1000-acre campus
Denominational Affiliation: Presbyterian Church (USA)
Athletic Association: NAIA

2. Wheaton College
Money Rank: No. 111
Wheaton, Illinois
Est. 1860
80-acre campus
Denominational Affiliation: Inter-denominational
Athletic Association: NCAA D3

3. Wisconsin Lutheran College
Money Rank: No. 178
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Est. 1973
40-acre campus
Denominational Affiliation: Wisconsin Ev. Lutheran Synod
Athletic Association: NCAA D3

4. George Fox University
Money Rank: No. 191
Newberg, Oregon
Est. 1891
108-acre campus
Denominational Affiliation: Friends
Athletic Association: NCAA D3

5. Taylor University
Money Rank: No. 199
Upland, Indiana
Est. 1846
952-acre campus
Denominational Affiliation: Nondenominational
Athletic Association: NAIA

6. Dordt University
Money Rank: No. 223
Sioux Center, Iowa
Est. 1955
115-acre campus
Denominational Affiliation: Christian Reformed Church
Athletic Association: NAIA

7. Huntington University
Money Rank: No. 255
Huntington, Indiana
Est. 1897
170-acre campus
Denominational Affiliation: United Brethren
Athletic Association: NAIA

8. Bethel University
Money Rank: No. 280
St. Paul, Minnesota
Est. 1871
247-acre campus
Denominational Affiliation: Baptist
Athletic Association: NCAA D3

9. Fresno Pacific University
Money Rank: No. 283
Fresno, California
Est. 1944
42-acre campus
Denominational Affiliation: Mennonite Brethren Church
Athletic Association: NCAA D2

10. Messiah College
Money Rank: No. 296
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Est. 1909
471-acre campus
Denominational Affiliation: Nondenominational
Athletic Association: NCAA D3